Past Events



  1 Dragg Music Video Featuring Lady Leshuur - "Let the beat breathe"

  2 Hull 2017 - "The Seasons" (Redlocz opens up narrating his piece)

  3 L.C.G - "I am that guy" (Redlocz in Holland guest appearance cameo)  

  4 Jahna Ranks - "Daddy" (Redlocz acts in video as Daddy)

  5 Urban Trendz university student news project

  6 Full Flava Festival 2014

  7 Grinderz- The story of a skate park 

  8 Redz Break, Fast T, Dragg

  9 An outside Urban Trendz shop graffiti wall movie Springbank Hull by Redlocz

10 Tales of a Young Offender Grimsby YOT Interview by Redlocz

11 Hessle Road Carnival breakdancing Full Flava Stage Floor Mammals versus Blind Fury

12 Dragg Music Video - "Holla At You"

13 Full Flava Festival 2014 Artists Preview

14 A profile of DJ Redlocz interview in Urban Trendz by Shaun Clark