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I can not wait to ask students to find old web pages and draw conclusions why these are.
Loved your wall at Freedom Festival!!
Loved your wall at Freedom Festival!!
Respect to da Blinko! Blanko! looking forward to the opening of Urban Trendz it's been a long time in the waiting!But we deh!
Hiya Dave, nice to see that UK players flyer, takes me back to the hempology days. One love.
yeeshhh i rudebwayi
yO wHASSSSSSSUPPPPP!!!! Propz man Propz!!! hold tight da Massive.......Bless and keep on going from strength to strength......
Damn!,i see U guys are doin it big.this is dope.ya\'ll keep it up.
See that midget with brown hair? That\'s me and U C that arm near DJ Redlocz? That\'s my brother\'s Nate G
Hmmmm Web revamp for 2008