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17/08/2014  Rizmatic and I start to emulsion the walls black and trim the shrubs back around the tops of the boards in preparation for Mandela Mural. We had made a good start but called it a day after doing 5 boards. This was quite a lengthy process, more man power was needed to complete the job.






The following week some more of the group turned up. We completed the rest of the boards in just over 2 hours, with just enough paint to stretch around the corner where Substance Sounds System was located.



 Of course i did help out to i was just busy behind the cam' and I'm not very good at selfies lol especially with wet paint on my hands.



 After putting up the shelving brackets Rick then needed to screw the wooden frame onto it. The rope lights were then attached to the frame which would light up the Mandela Murals when it turns dark. 




 The Substance guys arrive to set up their sounds system that will be firing out the tunes from Friday nite through till Sunday day. Providing a backdrop of music for the graffiti artists and spectators of the festival. 




Just added the last cab, straps around the system to secure it and then we're ready to launch this baby. 




The generator guys connect it to the system. Check and test it prior to switching it on.  




 Tweakz securing barriers around the set, Moka checking the amp and making sure all is balanced out.



In full swing now, things are hotting up and there is a steady flow of passers enjoying the vibe.




 Posto at work giving some attention and detail to the background...



Riz's symbolic interpretation of Mandela  


Rew decides to paint an old potrait of Mandela 



Cubs quotes some wise words of wisdom.... famous lyrics spoken by Mandela.



A giant sized Mandela hands in chains...





 Original Brew does a Mandela Mandarin wheel



Lynns and Tenns pause for a sec' and draw a scene from the Mandala movie The Long Walk To Freedom 



Train scene paused taken out of the movie..Lynns and Tenns combined effort



 Leeds and Manchester renowned artists come together on this piece... deliver an amazing work of art




Hull's Si2 who always adds intricut attention to detail makes a shocking statement here ....."White Only"



Full Flava's own resident artist Redlocz contributes his piece in honour if the late great Neslon Mandela on behalf of Full Flava Arts @Freedom Festival 2014.



Matty sprays the credits on the board next to the sounds system





A panoramic movie produced by Dakenye Creative showing the complete combined Mandela Mural.